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**Need a Receipt? Ours are BPA & BPS Free = 100% recyclable paper!!**

Zieros is a small zero waste & sustainable, non-food provision brick n mortar shop in Dormont, PA. We offer as many of the best non-food, zero waste, and sustainable items that we can acquire, that you could possibly need, but in the most waste free and sustainable ways possible!
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What does "Zero Waste" and "Sustainable" mean?

Zero Waste and Sustainable is all dependent on situation. What works here, might not work there.


Brutally simple;
Zero Waste means to reduce use and consumption, thereby reducing out-put and wasting nothing that is purchased, used, consumed, or otherwise, and reusing anything possible. And responsibly disposing of items that truly have no other use, reuse, or cannot be fixed or re-imagined.

Sustainable means to exist at a certain rate, level, or the like, over a period of time, if not perpetually, with the least to no negative side effects or results.

"Zero Waste" and "Sustainable" can be applied to almost any situation.

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We believe that the purpose of business is bigger than making money. Making money is simply a tool to further a businesses mission and just cause.


To assist people in making the best zero waste and sustainable decisions in any aspect, regardless if they purchase something from us or not. And to promote positive actions and change which lead to a more sustainable life for all.


Help build a world where the overwhelming majority have a zero tolerance for waste (mainly plastic in all forms), trash, over-consumption, and unsustainable practices. A world in which anyone can walk down any sidewalk, road, highway, path. shoreline, over the hills, through the woods, into the water, and move through all forms of life, without seeing a single piece of trash (especially plastic and it's derivatives) on the ground, in the trees/plants, in and on animals, and in the water. All the while breathing clean air, drinking clean water, eating clean food from organic & regenerative sources, and living in pollution free environments.

We are looking for as many people as possible to join us in this adventure.
Are you with us?!

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